The tale of a Minnesotan, living in Maine, Traveling to Tampa for the UCC General Synod 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Spirit Moves

Well! I'm gonna be honest with you. The last few days? Not the best of my life. Not the worst by any means, but not fantastic either. In fact, I had a bit of a melt down Sunday night because the idea of starting a three day journey to a church conference was just to much to handle.

And Jesus was like, "Three days? Try 40, sister!"

So, the Spirit's been moving all in, around and through me in regards to this Synod - and I will get to that - but this may be the coolest yet.

Not 20 minutes ago I boarded the train in New York headed for Florida. I was desperate for 2 things when I got off my train from Boston: the bathroom and a slice of pizza. However, it took me so long to find the bathroom and get the piazza, that no sooner had I taken a bite, then I heard the announcement that my train was boarding! I had really meant to be one of the first in line so I could get a comfy window seat.

Well, of couse I didn't get a window seat, but on a train that's not as big of a deal because there are other cars to be on if you need space. So the gentleman I sit next to and I start chatting and he says he's going to Tampa to. I ask what's sending him to Tampa and he says - in exactly the way I would say it, which honestly is a bit apologetic* - "ah, I'm going to a church conference."

No. Way.

O.M. Creator, christ and Holy Ghost!!!

Do you know where the rest of the people on this car are going? Not General Synod!

My seat mate is coming from Chicago where he is a member of Trinity (which is great because I've always wanted to go there, and now that I've met someone who is a member, it seems more likely I will!)

So, yes, the Spirit moves, and she does it in mysterious ways. And at times when you just want to stand still, she calls you to dance.

*those who answer to "Christian" but not "conservative" may know the reaction I'm referring to. It's not embarresment exactly, but more of an apology for all the hurt that other Christians have/may have caused the person. Also, it comes from a fear that the person will believe you are about to try and convert them, even though you aren't.


  1. You need to update your profile, as you are no longer a church secretary! Otherwise, very nice.

  2. What a great Spirit moment!

    I'm a pastor in Minnesota, and happy to be following you. Thanks for blogging General Synod!

  3. Great to have you reading, Pastor Oby, and you're welcome! I actually find it helps me be very mindful of what's happening, since Synod can be very overwhelming without some grounding!