The tale of a Minnesotan, living in Maine, Traveling to Tampa for the UCC General Synod 2011

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Healthy Eating at Synod

Today I am hanging out with a friend of mine who lives on a eco-farm near Tampa before we begin the work of Synod tomorrow.

Being on an eco-farm where much of the food we are eating comes from the fruits of my hosts' labor at every step of the way, and from the bounty of God's creation, brought to mind one of the resolutions we will be voting on: the Resolution for Mindful and Faithful Eating.

This is not "my" resolution, so I will not be discussing it in my committee, but it will be going to a committee and getting a chance to be voted on.

I was interested from the start in this resolution because I believe that people's lives can be better when they eat mindfully, but I am also "body-positive" - meaning that I, as a fat woman, see much of the negativity around body weight and size and shape as a tool of oppression. Further more, it means that I believe God loves each one of us mind, body and spirit, no matter how current ideology views us physically. So just the title made me nervous because I didn't know which direction this would be taken.

So it was with a mixture of confusion and relief that I realized the resolution has much more to do with how we treat God's creation - the earth and animals as well as ourselves.

Here's a link to the UCC website where you can read this resolution, or any resolution, as a pdf - General Synod 28th Resolution

Part of me thinks this resolution should really be called "Resolution for Mindful and Faithful Consumption." What do you think? I will say I like this resolution because it has a clear idea of what action should be taken, whereas many of the others seem, well, flighty is the best word I have right now.

Today I'm off to search for a hat, since I'm hoping Florida has a larger selection then Maine! Then I'll be checking in at my hotel, maybe have some coffee with my sister and our friend and hope this rain keeps us cool!

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